Who we are

We are Beervolutionists – We love beer, really good beer!

Beer is a wonderful thing - tasty, delightful, exiting, whether hoppy or sour, it's just lovely !

It is the world's most consumed alcoholic beverage; yeah we drink a lot of beer here on earth! However, many people associate beer with the cheap watered out lager, filled with additives and aromas- that's a shame! 

We believe in a revolution, we want to make a change. Where the true love of malt, hops, yeast and water comes to life.

We don't hate Miller, Heineken, Carlsberg or any of the bigger Breweries on our planet, we are no hipsters or beer-prettos, we just want to enlighten the world that there is another side of the coin, a side that's called Beer- Really good beer!

We won't be quiet, we won't sit down! We will give you our honest opinion about what we strongly believe is good for the evolution of our society - what we believe is what we call Beervolution!


  • I your beer sucks, We'll say it!
  • If you counteract Beervolution - You'll hear it!


  • If your on our side - You'll love it!
  • If you've embraced Beervolution- Everyone will hear it!

So Brewers and Beer-lovers! what are you waiting for, join the revolution

Welcome to Beervolution!

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